Aurora at Home

This month is indulgent and ranty! Well it is summer…Jen waxes lyrical about a night out, Paul has written a book and in amongst it is some astronomy!

There is a big dive into the huge aurora display in May, talk of new exoplanets and old ones vanishing. The usual skyguide and this months history moment is all about X rays.

Produced by Paul, Jen, John, Damien & Dustin

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  1. Much as I love AA, episode 144’s gross without Ralph! The ‘3 hander’ presentation team worked so much better than the current ‘to you, to me, to you’ arrangement. Any chance you could put back a third voice into the show? If love it if that were Ralph but he not the only fish in the sea? Maybe a rotating collaboration with another astro podcaster, e.g. Paul Sutter of Ask a Spaceman? Thanks for your time… Pete

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