#102 – December 2020 Part 1

A jolly romp around viruses and tasers!

We look back at the astronomy and space exploration highlights of 2020:

  • Phosphine in Venus atmosphere
  • The saga of SpaceX
  • Chang’e 5 at the Moon
  • Comets Atlas & Neowise
  • 3 missions to Mars

The lows of 2020 in astronomy and space exploration:

  • Cancellation of SPICA
  • The loss of the Arecibo radio telescope

We look forward to the anticipated events of 2021:

  • Luna 25, Chandrayaan-3 & Artemis 1 to the Moon
  • 3 Mars arrivals
  • Vera C Rubin telescope & Maybe JWST

And we run through our own predictions for next year before signing off with our customary end-of-year outtakes.

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