#101 – November 2020 Part 2

The Discussion: The ongoing saga of Jeni’s PhD thesis and a couple of listener emails.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news we have:

  • More destruction to the giant Arecibo radio telescope
  • Keeping in touch with our intergalactic emissaries
  • More information from the Rosettta mission.
  • A new exoplanet characterising spacecraft gets the go ahead form ESA
  • NASA’s Mars sample return mission plans
  • China picks its Mars landing zone for February’s arrival
  • Lockheed propose a new space launch facility in Scotland

Main news story: Congratulations to OSIRIS-REx at asteroid Bennu.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The gamma ray end of the spectrum. How these telescopes were developed and became ever more powerful.

Christmas gift ideas: We replace the Q&A section this episode as the holidays are getting closer and we thought you might appreciate some suggestions for the young, new or amateur astronomer in your life.

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