#98 – August 2020 Part 2

The Discussion:

  • Jen on the radio discussing the Perseids
  • Starlink satellites flaring over our heads
  • TV shows From the Earth to the Moon and For All Mankind
  • Sputnik V
  • Jeni’s latest paper is submitted for journal review
  • Submit your experiences of how diversity is perceived in the amateur astronomy community at tinyurl.com/y28ebdu2


The News: Rounding up the space exploration news we have:

  • Protecting other worlds from our germs and bugs
  • Space Force’s Star Trek-esque logo
  • The Curiosity rover celebrates its 8th year on Mars
  • New Zealand’s Rocketlab pursue reusability
  • Skyrora begin rocket testing in Iceland
  • SpaceX’s Starship prototyping and testing continues

Main news story: America gets back to launching people into space

Q&A: Will the James Webb Space Telescope actually launch and will it still be worth launching? Lana Visser from Heerenveen in the Netherlands.

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