#98 – August 2020 Part 1

The Discussion: This month astrologers are getting upset about their tattoos; why the Babylonians are at fault for ruining the majesty of astrology; Jeni spreads the astronomy word on the BBC; her latest research paper nears peer review; Paul continues promoting space education in schools and we have a chat about sparking science interest in kids.

The News: Rounding up the astronomy news this month we have:
– ESO image two gas giants orbiting their star
– Have we solved the mystery of why the sun’s atmosphere is hotter than the surface?
– Using old methods as new measures of the age of the universe
– Another way to measure the Hubble constant suggests there may be something a bit strange with our part of the universe or we need new physics to explain it
– Unravelling how supermassive black holes form.

Main News story: The latest on Comet NEOWISE and how to see it for yourself

The Sky Guide: This month we’re taking a look at the constellation of Aquarius with a guide to its history, how to find it, a couple of deep sky objects and a round-up of the solar system views on offer in August.

Q&A: What’s the dumbest misreported science you’ve ever seen in a newstory? From our good friend Brochyn James.

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