#96 – June 2020 Part 2

The Discussion:

  • Struggling to get the media excited about astronomy
  • How history will record the clusterf**k that is 2020
  • Skyrora looking to join the smallsat launch market
  • SpaceX’ Teletubby costumes

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • Starship prototype goes Kablooey
  • Britain returns to rocketry
  • Goodbye to Japan’s ISS resupply spacecraft
  • The European Space Agency look to ‘natural resources’ for moonbases
  • Virgin Orbit attempt to slash the cost of launching to Low Earth Orbit
  • NASA chooses 3 commercial consortia to develop lunar landers

Main news story: American commercial crewed launches have finally arrived

Q&A: Will the Lunar Gateway be visible from Earth? From Alex Bell @BLT_Astro on Twitter.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The near and mid-infrared part of the spectrum. How it became so important for astronomy and by whom.

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