#93 – March 2020 Part 2

(Warning: please skip this episode if you’re offended by occasional Tesla-based puerile humour)

The Discussion: Balancing the argument between love and hate of SpaceX and drawing a line under the argument over when the current decade starts and what constitutes a decade.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • SpaceX is cleared for a crewed launch in April
  • Further problems for Boeing
  • Christina Koch takes the female spaceflight record.
  • The dullest space news story ever (involving biscuits/cookies)
  • A Japanese mission to return samples from Phobos!
  • ESA’s launch & deployment of the Solar Orbiter.

Main news story: The import of NASA’s 2021 FY Budget.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The radio part of the spectrum. How it became so important for astronomy and by whom.

Q&A: What do you think was the greatest astronomical/scientific advancement that came about due to a dubious past, and do you think it was worth it? By email from Alan Beech in the UK.

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