#87 – September 2019 Part 2

The Discussion: Nuking hurricanes and the lessons of Chernobyl.

The News: Rounding up the space exploration news this month we have:

  • A new adaptor on the ISS making two emergency exits
  • Russia sends a gunslinging robot into space (no, really!)
  • ESA’s ExoMars mission is in hot water again
  • NASA’s Europa Clipper on track to meet its mid-2020s launch window
  • The companies being funded to develop tech for NASA’s moonshot
  • Ramping up of commercial assistance to Project Artemis

Main news stories: A NASA astronaut accused of a crime in space, issues of jurisdiction and what happens to sock dust in space.

The Debate: Court is in session for the fourth round of advocacy to get winner from your top ten historic space missions. This month we pit Mars against the Outer Limits as Spirit & Opportunity take on the Voyagers.

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