#74 – August 2018

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The Discussion: Jeni cares so little for our listeners that she didn’t even bother to show up this month (except for the interview section) and with no discipline Paul’s defacing valuable space artefacts and the emails to the show take a plunge south.

The News: The news section gets a revamp with a quick round up of the space exploration and astronomy news, covering:

  • The United Kingdom’s new spaceports
  • Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission to return asteroid samples
  • New optics on ESO’s Very Large Telescope
  • 10 more moons discovered on Jupiter and volcanoes on Io
  • The latest data from ESA’s Planck mission
  • A rare extra solar neutrino discovery

The Interview: Jeni talks to Josh Borrow from Durham University’s Institute of Computational Cosmology about their simulations of the universe using supercomputers – and how you can make and control your own universe (yes, for reals!) at galaxymakers.org

The Q&A: Listeners’ questions via email, Facebook & Twitter take us on a journey into the astronomy issues that have always plagued our understanding or stretched our credulity. This month we take a look at the eventual fate of the dying star Betelgeuse:

When Betelgeuse goes kabloom, what’s the best estimate of what will be left, neutron star, pulsar, magnetar or black hole? From Martin Bradshaw in Accrington UK,

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