Extra: SpaceX and the Future of Spaceflight

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This Awesome Astronomy episode is inspired by last week’s incredible SpaceX launch and listeners’ requests to talk a bit more about SpaceX and the advances in commercial spaceflight. In this Podcast Extra, we’re joined by spaceflight aficionado Gavin Price (@pilliarscreatio) to discuss:

  • The inaugural Falcon Heavy launch and what it achieved
  • Was the launch awesome or all hype?
  • How good is the Falcon Heavy really?
  • Will Falcon Heavy or Elon’s next ambitious rocket make NASA’s rocket redundant?
  • How about other organisations? (ULA/Arianne/Blue origin etc)
  • Where do the commercial companies leave the likes of Soyuz? (TsSKB-Progress)
  • Where do we see access to space in ten, fifteen, twenty years time?
  • Will Elon make good on his plan to colonize Mars?

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