Sky Guide February 2018

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What to look out, and up, for in February.

Ralph, Paul & Jen pick their highlights for this month’s skies; starting with the solar system objects on offer to observers and imagers:

  • Track Mars’ passage through Scorpius & Ophiuchus
  • Jupiter in Libra gives us a shadow transit and a look at its Great Red spot
  • Dwarf Planet Ceres at opposition on 1st February & Comet Heinze in Pegasus

Next up, we take a deep sky pick from our list of favourites for this time of year:

  • Ralph – Open clusters Messier 67 and the Beehive Cluster in Cancer
  • Jen – Messier 101, the Pinwheel Galaxy, in Ursa Major
  • Paul – NCG 40, the Bow Tie nebula, in Cepheus

And we finish this sky guide with February’s moon phases.

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