Sky Guide June 2017

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What to look out, and up, for in June.

Jeni returns from astronomy research in South Africa so the gang’s back together to pick their highlights for this month’s skies; starting with the planets on offer to observers and imagers:

  • Ralph – Saturn reaches opposition this month and coincides with a nearby meteor shower
  • Jeni – Jupiter in prime viewing conditions with some lovely Galilean transits
  • Paul – We still have comet C/2015 V2 Johnson in the skies for a nice alternative distraction

Next up, we take a deep sky pick from our list of favourites for this time of year:

  • Ralph – The Double Double binary Alpha Lyrae
  • Jeni – The Whirlpool Galaxy Messier 51
  • Paul – Globular Clusters Messiers 10 & 12 in Ophiuchus

And we finish this sky guide with June’s moon phases.

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