2016 Xmas Panto

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Awesome Astronomy’s 2016 Christmas Panto. Think: HG Wells’ War of the Worlds meets Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

The Eve of the War: Plans for our latest invasion of Earth are discussed over a nice, friendly and relaxed Christmas dinner.

In London: A rousing and inspiring speech to the defeated peoples of Earth.

The Earth Under the Martians: Jeni’s excited about her new taser and we all have a jolly Christmas wager.

The Days of Imprisonment: Another speech to the assembled and compliant Earthling slaves.

Dead London: John begins the human resistance with the release across all frequencies of the 2016 outtakes.

The Wreckage: Jeni sees out Christmas Day with a few science and astronomy themed factoids.

We don’t do Awesome Astronomy for money or to advertise, we just do it for fun and education. As long as we still enjoy creating it and you enjoy listening to it, we’ll keep on going. So if you want any changes, have any comments or suggestions, email us at theshow@awesomeastronomy.com

Merry Christmas everyone and our very best wishes for 2017.

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