#47 – May 2016

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In this month’s show:

The Discussion

Revision season as Jeni finishes her masters in astrophysics and preparations for AstroCamp in the Welsh Brecon Beacons.

The News

  • SpaceX make Paul look a right fool
  • Stephen Hawking backs an attempt to send spaceships to Alpha Centauri
  • More insight in to gravitational waves
  • A new galaxy is discovered orbiting the Milky Way
  • Narrowing down the whereabouts of Planet Nine

Paul’s Big Hat of Woo

This month we look at planetary alignments and all those crazy notions that tsunamis or weightlessness might occur if the planets are in certain alignments, or something.


Our question this month comes from Clemens Unger in Melbourne, Australia who helpfully suggested:

If you’re looking for a topic to chat about in the show, how about the recent well publicised case of image theft in the Astro imaging community? A chap used a Damien Peach image and presented it as his own. But, as it’s a small world, Damien saw it by chance. There seems to be so much pressure on these days to show better and better images and that seems to overtake the fun of astronomy a bit for some and peer pressure is getting to some.

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