Awesome Astronomy – 2015 End of Year Show

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This pantomime episode contains some mild bad language and puerile humour

Join us for our yearly round up of our favourite stories & events from 2015 and discuss the most exciting space missions and astronomy events coming up in 2016.

This festive season we welcome you back to our secretive Cydonia bunker – the scene of each Earth invasion attempt – as we share a brandy on the moon and give you a glimpse of the lives of our Earthling slaves at Yuletide.

As tradition now dictates, we round off the show with the best gaffes and outtakes from 2015.

So, happy holiday season, thank you for downloading as listening to us in 2015 and we look forward to spending 2016 with you too.

Ralph. Paul, Jen, John & Damien

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