Sky Guide November 2015

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What to look out, and up, for in November.

This month we tour a few simple objects that you can show to a child and spark their interest in the night skies.

In our beginners’ guide, Ursa Major shows us now to find true north and points out a few galaxies to observe in a small telescope. Then we take a look at the moon, showing us some lovely phases in the middle of the month and finish with two dates on which the moon will help you find the outer most planets, Uranus & Neptune.

Next we round up all the planets visible in October, with a stunning conjunction of Venus, Mars & Jupiter in the early hours. The Northern Taurids and the Leonids provide us with two meteor showers in November while we hold our breath for a naked-eye visible comet at month’s end.

We round off the show with our deep sky challenge and encourage you to take a look at the clusters in the constellation of Auriga.

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