#24 – June 2014

This month we’re outside recording under red light as we bag the latest meteor shower to grace planet Earth – the Camelopardalids.

We start with reminisces about our April AstroCamp star party, radio detection of meteors and the engineering & imaging prowess of our captured Earthing slaves John & Damien.

In the news we discusses the new discovery of Earth 2.0(ish), the sad shrinkage of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and Ralph gets a little bit ranty about NASA research into the melting of ice sheets.

Paul shows us that size IS everything in his 5 Minute Concept as he takes us on a tour of the sun and then whisks us away to some nuclear monsters – our sun’s bigger stellar brothers.

Instead of an interview this month, we have higlights of Dr Chris Lintott’s talk at AstroCamp where he covers Life, The Universe & Everthing in a shade over 13 minutes – and still manages to include a question from the audience (all hail Chris Lintott!)

Ralph answers a listener’s question on fleas, the Earth, the sun and UY Scuti (trust us… it’ll all make sense).

And we finish with a return to the Camelopardalid meteor shower and more discussion on how best to observe, understand and measure meteors.

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