#20 – February 2014

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This month, our captured Earthling Damien brings us a stargazing report from Pakistan.

News includes a new planet hunting instrument in Chile, a best-yet candidate for a naked-eye visible supernova, the progress of commercial space-flight and public access to space, China’s Chang’e-3 rover’s discoveries and ESA’s Rosetta and Gaia missions.

In his 5 Minute Concept, Paul explains our solar systems ring of icy debris – the Kuiper Belt – and the need for a good publicist!

We have lots of goodies to give away to one listener in our European Southern Observatory competition and Ralph interviews Dr Joe Liske, from ESO, about the world’s biggest telescopes and finding ET in our lifetime.

And in listeners’ Q&A we answer questions about ice on Mercury and the expansion of the universe.

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