#16 – October 2013

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Highlights of September’s skies at the AstroCamp star party with the BBC TV cameras. The Sky at Night team joinined us for some observing in Wales.

A penumbral lunar eclipse, a round up of the planets visible in the northern hemisphere this month, a couple of meteor showers to get you outside, and the deep sky treats in Perseus, Camelopardalis and Auriga in our October sky guide.News that Voyager 1 is in interstellar space, NASA’s latest mission to explore the thin lunar atmosphere and moon’s dust and some research to get us hopeful for a fine display from Comet ISON later this year.

The violent but universe enriching ‘Death of Stars’ is explained in Paul’s 5 Minute Concept.

An interview on the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, astronomy research funding cuts and the Planck and Herschel space telescopes in this month’s interview with researcher, writer and broadcaster Dr Chris North.

And in Q&A we answer listeners’ questions on brown dwarfs and Saturn’s rings.

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